Crighton Plastics'... Leading the wayA leader in innovative design, fabrication and application of impact and chemically resistant thermoplastic equipment. Your Crighton Plastics Inc. process equipment will be designed , fabricated and installed to meet your exact specifications. Thermoplastic materials are ideal for not only tanks but exhaust systems, piping systems, and covers (for energy efficiency).

Crighton Plastics' ... Looking at industrial process applications in a new light. Utilizing thermoplastics materials to replace the traditional materials of steel, rubber, and brick. Even Replacing other thermoplatics better suited to static applications with high impact resistant thermoplastic material. We will develop the specifications of design to take full advantage of the thermoplastic's properties over the previous materials, finding ways to make your process, safer, more efficient (energy and otherwise), with much less maitenance costs.

Crighton Plastics' ... helping you think 'Outside the box'With over 25 years of experience in fabrication and design of industrial plastic process equipment, our founder has been a leading designer and supplier in this industry. This experience, backed-up with te latest technology, ensures process equipment that you can rely on.

Crighton Plastics' will meet or exceed your expectations.

Crighton Plastics Inc. utilizes the latest in design and fabrication technology -- Precise use of this technology is essential in meeting your exact specification.

Crighton Plastics Personnel:

  • A dedicated sales staff providing information and detailed estimates

  • An experienced design staff utilizing CAD draft and finite element analysis helping guide you through your project from design to installation   

  • Experienced fabricators, with an average of 15+ years experience in both shop fabrication and field repairs and modifications   

Crighton Plastics Service:    
  • Our dedicated, trained, and experenced field technicians specialize in on-site repairs and modifications.        

  • Most field repairs accomplished with almost no interruption to your production      

Crighton Plastics Equipment:  
  • Equipment designed and fabricated for:
  • Batch pickle Lines
  • Strip Pickle Lines
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Plating and Coating Lines

  • Automated butt fusion welding and extrusion welding
  • Weldig with nitrogen gas to eliminate oxidation and achieve maximum strength
  • Incorporating piping systems, integral fume exhaust, and additional internal inpact protection. Brackets, and flow through heat exchanger pockets to accommodate your heating apparatus.
  • Integral grating, walkway,and platform external supports
  • Can accommodate most custom component applications required
Crighton Plastic Inc.
Self supporting galvanizing tank
Tank with steel reinforced corners
Carbon Filter for sewage treatment plant
Acid storage tank